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A Feast For My Foes!

II Kings 6:1-2

READ – “So the king made a great feast for them and then sent them home to their master. After that, the Aramean raiders stayed away from the land of Israel.” II Kings 6:23 NLT

EXAMINE – Elisha poured into the lives of other prophets and his school of prophets was growing (II Kings 6:1). They needed to expand their facilities and when one of them dropped a borrowed axe into the Jordan River, Elisha miraculously made the axe float to the top (II Kings 6:2-7). In another “miracle” God would reveal the King of Aram’s plans to attack Israel. Elisha would warn the King of Israel and the plot would be avoided. Angered and believing that he had a traitor among him, the King of Aram was told that the culprit was the Prophet Elisha. When the King of Aram sent the army to surround the city and arrest Elisha, God sent a greater army of horses and chariots of fire to protect Elisha (II Kings 6:16-17). God even blinded the army and Elisha led them to Israel’s capital city of Samaria. When the King of Israel asked Elisha should he kill the army, Elisha suggested that he feed them and send them home (II Kings 6:21-23).

APPLY – A Feast for my Foes! The continued planned attacks of Aram only stopped when the Israelites showed kindness and hospitality by feeding them when they could have easily killed them (II Kings 6:23). As we continue the Generosity Challenge, look for opportunities to bless your enemies, to pray for those who are persecuting you (Matthew 5:44), to feed them and overcome them by doing good to them (Romans 12:20-21). Always remember that there are more on our side than on our enemies’ side (II Kings 6:16).

PRAY – Father God, open our eyes to see the greatness of Your army surrounding us and then open our hearts to show generosity even to our enemies. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!