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What’s In A Name!

Numbers 32

READ –  “Nebo, baal-meon, and Sibmah. They changed the names of some of the towns they conquered and rebuilt.” Numbers 32:38 NLT

The tribes of Reuben and Gad wanted to settle on the east side of Jordan River because the land was suited for their animals (Numbers 32:1). Moses at first objected because he thought their actions would discourage the other tribes from entering the Promised Land (Numbers 32:2-15). But their motives were pure, and they committed to go across the Jordan River and fight with their fellow tribes (Numbers 32:17). As they conquered and rebuilt towns, they changed the names of the place (Numbers 32:38). One man, Nobah, renamed the area he captured after himself (Numbers 32:42).

Names matter. A new day brought about a new name for some places. They weren’t rewriting past history but just recording their present blessings. Some of the towns even had false gods in their names (i.e., Baal-meon – v.38). Changing the names of the towns testified to the blessings of the LORD and the accomplishments of the people.  What a practical and relevant lesson for us today that some names of places, buildings, etc. need to be changed to reflect the current times or present heroes.

Father God, in these divisive times, give us wisdom on what changes we need to make to bring unity as we celebrate our diversity. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!