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All Lives Matter!

Numbers 34-36

READ –  “This will ensure that the land where you live will not be polluted, for murder pollutes the land.  And no sacrifice except the execution of the murderer can purify the land from murder.” Numbers 35:33 NLT

God established the boundaries of the Promised Land and then enlisted one leader from each tribe to help in the division of the land (Numbers 34). Each tribe had to give the Levities towns within their territory and six of these Levitical towns were established as Cities of Refuge to protect those who had accidently killed someone from retaliation (Numbers 35). There was no mercy for premeditated murders which defiled the land (Numbers 35:30-34). Finally, the LORD established laws regarding inherited land passed on to daughters (Numbers 36). All tribal land must remain within the tribes so women who had inherited property must marry within their tribe.

Murder defiled and polluted the land (Numbers 35:33). Sadly, our country and communities have been defiled from the senseless killings happening on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the culture of our nation has devalued life from the life of the unborn to the lyrics, movies, videos, and games that promote violence.  God designed the justice system to deter crime by punishing wrongdoers (Romans 13:1-5). What can you do? Advocate for life – All Lives Matter!  Vote for a strong justice system! Parent your children with proper discipline (Proverbs 23:13-14, 29:17).  Spread the Good News so that hearts may be changed by the power of Jesus Christ – the only Real Solution! Please share and leave a comment with some other practical solutions for stopping the violence.

Father God, since You designed us to live in safe communities, give us the courage to stand against wrong, to stand up for righteousness, and to speak up Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!