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Sign-up for connect group by clicking the connect group leaders’ name. The link will open your email. In the subject line please include the name of the connect group and in the email include your name and contact information. We look forward to you connecting with you!

Health & WellnessPastor Cindricka ArringtonWalk Off the Jiggling Fat Demon - Join us for a 2 mile+ walk to rid ourselves of stress, frustration, & excess weight. Walking helps our breathing, mental prowess, & builds the physical temple.OFFSITE- Northeast Shelby County. (Cordova/Collierville/ Germantown) Location changes weeklyALLDaily; Started June 14th, 6AM CST, M-F
SpiritualPastor Cindricka ArringtonIdentify & Activate Your Spiritual GiftsVIRTUAL5th Grade & AboveWeekly; Starts July 1st, 8th, 15th THURS at 6:30pm CST
SpiritualPastor LaVeil RuckerCongregational CareVIRTUALBrown EverywhereTBD
SpiritualCharmaine WhiteWomen's Bible StudyVIRTUALWomen Ages 35-44TBD
SpiritualMontez DixonP31: Often women believe that Proverbs 31 does not really apply to our modern lives. This scripture is not talking about the perfect Pinterest mom, or the perfect Christian woman, she does not exist. Becoming a P31 woman is not as hard as you think. Proverbs 31 is not a checklist or a to do list. Instead, it’s a beautiful representation of what it means to be a virtuous woman. A P31 woman means that you live out God’s will for your life daily and live each day with Purpose.
VIRTUALWomen Ages 25-34TBD
SpiritualByron DixonIncrease requires humility. That's the part we miss. Increase is great but we must know humility is a requirement that can’t be omitted. Increase is what every believer wants. We should want more of God, more of Jesus, More of the Holy Spirit. Essential point, we all want more. VIRTUALAges 25 & AboveTBD
Health & WellnessCharmaine WhiteHealth and Fitness for women over 40.VIRTUALAges 45 & AboveTBD
Social/Spiritual/ BusinessCarissa StrayhornWomen's group, tea and coffee meet, prayer book meeting, credit repair group, movie group, paint and craft groupTBDWomen Ages 45 & AboveTBD
Personal DevelopmentKanesha M. BellCharacter Education topics of Self Love, Self Respect Self Esteem, Self Care etc for teensVIRTUALAges 17 and under (6th -12th grade)TBD
SpiritualValentino BlackwellApologetics groupVIRTUALYoung Adults, Ages 35-44TBD
SpiritualPastor Damon ConleyLoving our LGBTQ+ NeighborsVIRTUALYoung Adults, Ages 35-44TBD
Social/ RelationshipsElder Ronald L. PateMen's group, married and single men.
Part 2, The author is Pastor Craig Groeschel, the Title of the Book is Fight. Winning The Battles That Matter Most. Use a Hardback book and open Bibles only.
VIRTUALMen, Ages 25 & AboveWeekly; Starts AUG 5th, Thursdays, 6-7PM CST
SpiritualLakeva BarnesStudying the book of Revelation using the Bible The Book of Signs, and The Book of Signs Study Guide by Dr. David Jeremiah. VIRTUALAges 18 & AboveWeekly; Starts SEPT 8th, 7PM CST
SpiritualDevora Crump BrysonHosting a women's spiritual growth group. We are studying the book, "Crushing" by Bishop T.D. Jakes. VIRTUALWomen, Ages 45 & AboveWeekly; Thursdays, 6-7:30PM CST
Spiritual/OutreachVivian Jean MontgomeryNursing Home Care Ministry and a Street Care ministry within our Sunday School ClassVIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACE OFFSITEAges 45 & AboveTBD
SpiritualDeacon Willie James StewartNew members Sunday School, men bible study group(The man God Uses) by Henry and Tom BlackabyVIRTUALMen, Ages 25 & AboveTBD
SpiritualMinister Clara 'CeCe' PettySunday School. International Lesson and Sunday School Literature along with BibleVIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACE25 - 34, 35-44, 45 and AboveTBD
SpiritualPastor Willie Petty Sr.Sunday School Class Literature and BibleVIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACE35-44, 45 and Above
SpiritualMinister Darryl WigginsHosting a bible study called Kingdom Men. The Kingdom Men Bibile study based off of Dr Tony Evans model and book. We will discuss our power and authority as men and how to align ourselves in God’s Will for our lives.VIRTUALMen, Ages 25-34TBD
SpiritualPastor Petty 'P' Jr.Singles Bible StudyVIRTUALAges 18 & AboveWeekly; Wednesdays

Sunday Connect Group

SpiritualYvonne StarksClass # 19VIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACEWomenWeekly; Sundays 7:00 AM
SpiritualMilton GrayClass # 20VIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACEMenWeekly; Sundays 7:00 AM
SpiritualElder Norris PattonClass # 21VIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACEWomenWeekly; Sundays 1:00 PM
SpiritualOlia RiceClass # 16VIRTUALWomenWeekly; Sundays 9:30 AM
SpiritualBeverly HarwellClass # 27VIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACECo-EdWeekly; Saturdays 5:00 PM
SpiritualHelen WallsClass # 31VIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACEWomenWeekly; Sundays 9:30 AM
SpiritualVivian MontgomeryClass # 2VIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACEWomenWeekly; Sundays 9:30 AM
SpiritualCorey ColemanClass # 5VIRTUALBoys 9-12 gradeTBD
SpiritualWillie StewartClass # 22VIRTUALCo-EdWeekly; Sundays 2:00 PM
SpiritualOliver EzellClass # 38VIRTUALCo-Ed SeniorsWeekly; Sundays 9:00 AM
SpiritualJoanne JohnsonClass # 9VIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACEWomenWeekly; Sundays 9:30 AM
SpiritualLinda WhiteClass # 13TBDGirls 9-12 gradeTBD
SpiritualSandra StepterClass # 4TBDGirls 7-8 gradeWeekly; Tuesday 6:30pm
SpiritualJeff MisterClass # 12Facebook LiveCo-Ed Young AdultsTBD
SpiritualBonnie KillebrewClass # 10VIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACEUSHERSWeekly; Sundays 9:30 AM
SpiritualMerl NelsonClass # 15VIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACESenior MothersWeekly; Sundays 9:30 AM
SpiritualGeorge EdwardsClass # 34VIRTUALCOUPLESWeekly; Sundays 9:45 AM
SpiritualBonnie TompkinsClass # 3VIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACEWomenWeekly; Sundays 9:30 AM
SpiritualClifton EleyClass # 18VIRTUALCouplesWeekly; Sundays 9:30 AM
SpiritualShirley DonaldClass # 36VIRTUAL & FACE-TO-FACEWomenWeekly; Sundays 9:30 AM
SpiritualShirley FlowersClass # 32VIRTUALWomenWeekly; Tuesdays 6:00 PM

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