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Bartholomew Orr

Senior Pastor
Cell: 901-601-7202

Donna Neal

Executive Assistant to Senior Pastor

Derrick Anderson

Executive Pastor
Cell: 901-356-4734

Jacqueline Cartwright

Executive Assistant to Executive Pastor
Cell: 901-598-7189


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Damon Conley

Discipleship Pastor
Cell: 901-930-6632

Katherine Frazier

Discipleship Coordinator

Marquis Gooden

Associate Pastor- Congregational Care
Cell: 901-500-5516

Terrence Green

Associate Pastor, New Member Assimilation &
Biblical Counseling
Cell: 601-946-1083

Jeffery Jackson

Associate Pastor- Children
Cell: 901-277-5231

Melisa James

Angel Choir Director/Children’s Ministry Assistant

Meryl Nelson

Nursery Director

Anthony Taylor

Minister of Seniors and Care
Cell: 901-598-7191

Willie Petty

Associate Pastor- Young Adult
Cell: 901-417-4061

Charla Webster

Missions Coordinator


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Dana Mister

Director of Planning and Coordination
Cell: 901-302-8754

Senita Washington

Planning and Coordination Administrative Assistant

Julian Cross

Online Engagement Coordinator


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Elizabeth Harmon

Office Manager

Paula Anderson

Membership Secretary

Gloria Cage

External Affairs Secretary

Celeste Johnson

Baby Sitter

Naphteria Palmer

Baby Sitter

Everdene Wilson

Membership Database Administrator

Tonya Polk

Receptionist/Sports & Maintenance Clerk

Velma Potts

Audrey C. Rhodes

Main Campus Receptionist

Lawanda Robinson

Receptionist Coordinator

Melissa Smith

Receptionist/Baby Sitter Coordinator


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David Brown

Creative Director
Cell: 901-378-4657

Linda Connard-Roberts

Sales Coordinator

Charlene Shackelford

Creative Services Administrative Assistant

Denise Greene

Creative Services Coordinator

Thurman Hobson


Mattie Igberaese

Assistant Audio Engineer

Darrell Jackson

Post Production Audio Engineer

Matthew Lee

Post Production Videographer

Kim Martin

Bookstore Coordinator

Patrick Richmond

Video Production Trainer

Virginia Robinson

Creative Services Advisor


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Tracy Harmon

Phone: 901-500-5547


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Alan Clayton

Marles Flowers

Drummer/BAM Instructor

Chris Franklin

Bass Guitar

Anthony Kirkendhall

Zantino Kimmons

Executive Director of Music

Kenny Lackey

Male & Senior Choir Director

Melissa McReynolds

Youth Choir Director

Steve Moore

Assistant Youth Choir Director

Bart Orr

Band Director/Organist

Bates Orr

Keyboard/BAM Instructor

Derrick Reed

Lead Guitar

Patrice Saddler

Worship Coordinator

Anthony Richardson

Children’s Choir Director

Mario Williams

Janet Tate

Music Administrative Assistant


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Tevin Cleveland

Campus Care/Setup Coordinator

Jalen Copeland

Campus Care

Belinda Fletcher

Campus Care

Lorenzo Fletcher

Campus Care

Sam Green

Campus Care Supervisor

Vickie King

Campus Care

Ron Lewis

Campus Care

David Risby

Campus Care

John Salter

Campus Engineer

Ralph Tate

Campus Engineer

Grace Wiggins

Campus Care

Stanley Eason

Director of Security & Risk Management

Elbert Jones


Deborah Minor

Campus Nurse

Tige Willis

Sports Ministry Coordinator

Eric Williams

Assistant Director of Security

Brandi Dobbins

Fitness Coordinator

Stephanie Norvel

Bus Driver

Cynthia Richmond

Kagen Water Coordinator

Sewaylyn Hardaway

Bus Driver

Keir Brown

Bus Driver

Jimmie Tobon

Campus Care

Jerome Riley

Campus Care Manager