GENTS (formerly BOYS II MEN)
Provides workshops and fellowships for boys on how to live a meaningful and purposeful spiritual life in a secular world.

  • Jimmy Mays
  • Willie Speed

GEMS (formerly TITUS II) –
Provides workshops and fellowships for girls on how to live a meaningful and purposeful spiritual life in a secular world.

  • Andrece Gandy
  • Jennifer Taylor

Wednesday night bible study that evangelizes children/youth by encouraging them to study, memorize, and apply God’s word to everyday life.

  • Eric and Keir Brown
  • Rev. Willie Petty

BYI (Brown Youth Initiative)
The Brown Youth Initiative (BYI) provides six weeks of summer employment for the youth of Brown Baptist between the ages 15-19. The BYI experience trains and exposes youth to workplace ethics; imparts valuable employment skills and provides the youth with a summer income. Employment opportunities are provided by Brown business owners as well as organizations in the community with the wages being funded by the church.

  • Pennie Nelson
  • Annette Jones

The Excellence in Education Ministry’s mission is to increase the spiritual, social and cultural knowledge base in an effort to develop a holistic attitude toward spirituality. They work with the parents and students of BMBC to set and monitor the student’s career and educational path. They also administer the BMBC scholarship program.

  • Anniece Gentry
  • Arlisha Walton

BAVM (Brown Agape Volunteer Ministry)

  • Barbara Baxter
  • Vivian Jackson


  • Stacy Clinton

Trains youth to provide a safe Christian environment for the caring and nurturing of children during activities and events.

  • Melissa Smith