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Brown Missionary Baptist Church offers many opportunities for members to commit and develop a closer and spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ.  One of the best ways to Exalt HIM and enhance your membership is by serving in His Church.  Brown has over 50 ministries devoted to being servants of Integrity, Humility, and Excellence.   Therefore, we are seeking genuine individuals who will commit their time to serve HIM.  If you are interested, please select the JOIN A MINISTRY button to sign up today!

ERT - The ERT team is a group of individuals that assist the church and its leadership in being good stewards over what God has given. The primary function of the ERT is to set up precautionary methods to prevent unfortunate events from occurring and to provide a safe worship environment for parishioners. Secondly, the ERT serves as the primary response team to any emergencies at the church. The team consists of law-enforcement officers, doctors, nurses, firefighters, paramedics, dispatchers, and security officers who are members of Brown Baptist.

GREETERS - Proverbs 18:24 states, "A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother." BMBC is a friendly church who seeks to make our visitors feel at home. Our Hospitality Ministry is a group of trained and dedicated members of BMBC who perform the same duties on the outside of the sanctuary that our ushers perform on the inside.

KITCHEN - From the beginning of creation, God has commanded and guided us concerning the importance of food. Food is not only our source of nutrition but it creates an atmosphere of fellowship and unity. Many of Jesus' miracles and outreaches to the masses centered around food. Likewise our Kitchen Ministry is an integral part of our overall vision because they help to promote and foster our church spirit of unity and togetherness. Prepare healthy, nutritious meals for church events. Ensure that all public health department's standards are adhered to in food preparation, food storage and food service. Order and maintain all kitchen supplies, food, etc. Clean kitchen after each event.

USHERS - The goal of this Ministry is to help create the warm family spirit of BMBC and to maintain order at all worship services. Their specific tasks and assignments are outlined in their Usher manual.

NEW MEMBERS - Our goal is to extend a warm and loving greeting to new members and to welcome them to the Brown Baptist church family and the Body of Christ. Joining or uniting with a new church can be both a joyful and bewildering experience. The New Member Ministry will help new members become an integral part of our Church Family and smooth the transition of coming into a new environment. We will greet each new member with a warm spirit and welcome them into the church. We will immediately set a time to meet with each new member for orientation and educate each new member as to what the church expects of them concerning financial and moral responsibility and what they can expect of the church. We will lead new members to participate in the auxiliaries and programs of the church. Our primary purpose is to help create mature disciples.

PARKING LOT - The goal of this ministry is to aid in effective parking and member transport to the facilities from the various parking lots on the church campus. Additionally, the parking lot ministry provides external security during worship services and other church functions.

SPORTS - The purpose of the Sports Ministry is to promote physical exercise, to enhance Christian teamwork, and to foster a greater fellowship among BMBC members. Brown Additionally has volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, volley ball, track and field, motorcycle riders, fitness and golf teams.

TRANSPORTATION - The purpose of this ministry is to provide transportation to worship for those members who have a desire to attend worship but cannot due to transportation needs.

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